As your state representative, Tippi will oppose the expansion of charter schools in our community and fight to take control of the Little Rock School District from the overreaching state government and return it to the people — where it belongs. She knows every child in Arkansas deserves a high-quality, public education.


A minimum wage job in Arkansas pays $8.50 an hour. An Arkansan working a minimum wage job has to put in at least 51 hours a week just to pay the rent for a one-bedroom apartment. So many of the challenges we face in Arkansas aren’t because our neighbors don’t work hard enough; they’re because Arkansans don’t get paid enough! Tippi believes hardworking Arkansas families deserve a raise. She supports raising Arkansas’s minimum wage to at least $10 an hour.


At 3.3 percent, Little Rock’s unemployment rate is very low and Tippi will work to make sure it stays low. Disproportionately higher, the unemployment rate in Little Rock’s African American community is about 10 percent. Tippi does not believe the status of your employment or the size of your paycheck should be determined by the color of your skin. As your state representative, Tippi will fight for policies that ensure every Arkansan has access to quality job training so they can achieve financial independence through gainful employment.


Tippi believes the budgets of our state, county, and city governments should reflect our values. She will fight Republican cuts to after-school and out-of- school programs that keep kids off the street and out of trouble. She will bring together community activists, elected leaders, and young people and work to find real, lasting solutions to the horrific violence plaguing our community.


Hospitals are among the largest employers in District 33. Tippi believes keeping our hospitals strong is good for our health and the health of our economy. Thanks to the Private Option, more than 330,000 Arkansans purchased health insurance, many for the first time. She will fight to protect the health care of all Arkansans and work to make sure they have access to quality, affordable healthcare.


Tippi believes we can protect our environment and develop renewable sources of clean energy at the same time. As state representative, Tippi will work to increase efficiency incentives to help bring down the high cost of energy for every family and business. She knows we create jobs when we make energy efficiency accessible to everyone and helps grow our economy.

To move Arkansas away from coal, Tippi will work to increase energy produced by solar technology, cutting energy bills and pollution. She wants to bring increased access to mobile charging and make auto-charging stations common in Little Rock.

Tippi will work to fight the ill affects of climate change, protect our environment, and make sure Arkansas is truly ‘the Natural State’ for generations to come.


As state representative, Tippi will work to close the loopholes in current ethics laws and hold elected officials accountable. She believes Arkansans deserve an electoral system we can trust.


Tippi is a proven, progressive leader. She will stand up to unconstitutional, legislative attacks on the separation between church and state, women’s reproductive rights, and the rights of the LGBTQ community… Tippi’s community. She will fight efforts to use  so-called “Bathroom Bills” to alienate and further stigmatize trans people. Tippi will tell the Republican legislature: no making laws about us, without us.


Arkansas’s eviction law is the worst in the country. We are the only state to make being evicted a criminal offense. Tippi believes we all have rights AND responsibilities. If you take rent money, you should be legally required to provide housing people can actually live in. If you rent your home, your rights shouldn’t depend on your ZIP Code. As state representative, Tippi will work to repeal Arkansas’s eviction law and replace it with a law that recognizes the housing rights and responsibilities of all Arkansans.


Former District 33 State Rep.Kathy Webb has endorsed Tippi’s campaign. Kathy knows Tippi will reach across the aisle to do what is right for our district and state and never waver from the progressive values we hold dear. No one will work harder – or more effectively than Tippi to attract good-paying jobs, preserve healthcare, protect our environment, advocate for a better future for our kids, and stand up for equal rights for all Arkansans.